Mobile Optimisation: Get Ahead in 2015

As far as 2015 technology trends go, mobile optimisation is a no brainer- so why are so many businesses simply missing the mark?

Mobile optimised websites have boomed over the last few years, driven by the expansion of the smartphone market and the technological capabilities brought with it. Companies whose websites aren’t optimised for mobile devices are in danger of not only losing sales but agitating customers who are left with a poor online experience. 

Mobile and tablet usage (currently 35%) increased by 50% between 2013 and 2014, and should be prioritised accordingly.

Once your businesses online presence has been established, it is time to think about its mobile presence. For most organisations-especially those within the mid-market taking your website to the next imperative step of mobile optimisation may appear daunting.

1. Consumer Focused Service

To successfully integrate the mobile experience behind your businesses strategy there must already be an understanding of how you want your customers to utilise the mobile service. Although customers may be using their PC's to reasarch a company's products, mobile may be used for an entirely different purpose. Often both mobile and tablet devices are used to find things such as contact information, location or opening times, meaning  that the platforms must be optimised to suit these requirements.

2. Design and Usability

At coredna we facilitate responsive design, which looms over its predecessor static design as a much more superior design option. Responsive design means that you’re not only left with an entry level aesthetically pleasing design, but an interactive portal which adapts to each mobile or tablet. Unlike static design, responsive makes for easy reading because of its fluid and scrollable build.  

3. Upkeep

Like every part of a business, optimisation is an ongoing process that never stops. Similar to the mantra of our software product, it’s the cycle of enhance and develop. Constant enhancements mean that you can avoid the expensive catch up’s after having fallen behind.

Aside from all of the design techniques and mobile devices that are always changing, the way your customers use and engage with your site will also change as your business continues to evolve.  

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