Make the Most of Website Content

A content management system makes it easy to update your content and add new, relevant information on a regular basis. But having the technology in place isn't enough! Your business must be prepared to create and update content (and remove the old stuff!) on a regular basis if you want the benefits that can come from engaging content.

Content Strategy Tips

Keep Control

Avoid bloated and repetitive content by adding controls to who posts on your website. Keep a selected number of staff as authors to your website - as many or as few as you'd like - to prevent an excessive amount of content from building up on your website. The controls you place on content publication can be as thorough or limited as you need; for example, the news section can be updated by anyone, while web page content can only be updated by a select number of authors/editors.

Get an Editor

After you create a group of authors for your website content, assign one or two employees to an editorial role. These staff members will have final say on content before it is posted live to your website. An editor will ensure that your content has a singular and consistent voice or personality.

Web Content Rules

Remember, writing for the web is not the same as writing for print. Read our full list Simple Rules for Writing on the Web - and here are some highlights:

Be specific: Content for the web should be user-driven. Focus on specific topics rather than a wide range of issues that won't answer the reader's questions without having to sift through a bunch of content.

Get to the point: Too much content, even on a specific topic, is more likely to drive a reader away than keep him or her interested. Make your point early on and don't stray from your chosen topic.

Avoid too much jargon: Especially for general audiences, avoid overly technical language. When jargon can't be avoided (and in fact may be useful) make sure you're using the right language and terms for your topic.

An SEO strategy will never be complete if you have bad content on your website. Make it a priority and you'll see the benefits to your search rankings.

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