Digital Lessons to Learn from Net-A-Porter

Net-a-Porter got it very right, but how did they do it? When it comes to brands bracing to enter the digital market, they can learn a thing or two from this fashion heavy weight.


Consumers are now demanding that companies don’t merely serve them, but so in a personalized way. We’re talking seamless online ordering and processing, an easy returns policy, stylists on demand and perfectly packaged garments that can make anyone swoon.

Net-a-Porter has all the bells and whistles, plus the latest Prada’s. Both their native London as well as New York benefit from Net-a-Porter’s branded same day service vans that can be spotted zipping around.The iconic Net-a-Porter black and white laced box has reached heights of fame to rival that of the orange Hermes box. It's no wonder that their net worth has risen to the hefty heights of $3.4 billion. 


Destruction, subversion and excitement.

In today’s digital environment, the consumer appetite for a high-quality customer experience is a given and, as a result, e-commerce is ripe for disruption through innovative customer service methods and online experience. During Fashion’s Night Out Net-a-Porter subverted their business, creating augmented reality shop windows. The Net-a-Porter branded windows allowed customers to shop by the still images with their tablets.  

Although, how do they stand out from similar retailers? Simple, they have carefully fused content and commerce. Net-a-Porter have successfully incorporated their product marketing skills with original commentary and insights into the fashion industry in their weekly edited interactive publication THE EDIT. They also see the importance of embracing human talents in commissioning relevant content. The latest issue of THE EDIT stretched to feature Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie in both editorial and article format.


From its conception, the fashion juggernaut has embraced the digital realm with a desire to constantly strive to diversify their offer. They wish to excite their fans. Although as a brand extends like Net-a-Porter they have to ensure to keep a holistic experience. With THE EDIT they gave birth to an interactive magazine. Bridging the gap between publication and shopping. Users were for the first time able to shop a magazine with a single click. THE EDIT is read by over 111,000 women per week.

In 2014 Net-a-Porter decided take it one step further, advancing to publisher with their print publication “Porter.” This is indicative of their mantra of “follow[ing] the consumer…[as both] technology and the consumer are changing so quickly” (Natalie Massenet, 2014). Having built a loyal following, Net-a-Porter used their understanding of the user experience of ecommerce to inform their print publishing.

Facilitating their customers every need, Net-a-Porter’s IPhone and IPad apps have a tally of over 1 million combined downloads.Their recent announcement of launcing a new "social commerce" experience late this year also indicates the increasing importance of the mobile experience as well as the growing marketing power of social.

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