How friendly is your in-house software?

Creating a winning online presence for your business is made easy with the Coredna digital experience platform.

We value user friendly products and we know that your in-house staff do too. As a content management software product, Coredna makes both in-house developers and end users happy. Ease and support are guiding principles for the development and direction of the software.

The technological expectations of the enterprise have changed. What has been dubbed the consumerism of enterprise software has made for a desire for user friendly product architecture. The archaic idea of the unfriendly, hard-to-use, high cost, impractical software has been tossed to the curb.

Individuals themselves have increasingly become consumers of technology through online activities such as blogging and utilising tablets and phones. They have grown accustomed to the web, SaaS and cloud computing where the software purchasing process is relative easy. Apple’s APP store singly headedly revolutionised this factor for the recreational user. Similarly, Adobe’s software products are also available for instantaneous remote downloading for a fixed month subscription cost. User-friendly software has become non-negotiable. The remarkable ease of everyday software has made for relatively raised expectations from enterprise software.

Competition in the consumer tech market is mammoth. Buying is cheap and simple and offers instant gratification. The coredna back end interface is tailored to these user-friendly expectations. Coredna is a user-centric system which is all about providing an integrated customer experience.

Our aim is to create a software product that both developers and end users love to work with, a product that empowers both groups to not only do their individual work, but also to collaborate more effectively.

Providing the user with a remarkable digital experience, the straight forward nature of SaaS apps also make for higher adoption rates amongst in-house staff.

For our clients coredna offer’s first-rate support which includes quick response support tickets which are looked at by our experienced team, video tutorials and the ability to schedule one-on-one training sessions on the software.

Our helpful team strongly believe in providing clients with the long-term support as required. Our team of in-house developers work full time on the platform, focusing on improving usability and remaining innovative in their approach. Our support is championed by a guaranteed 2 hour turnaround time, and we are always happy to pick up the phone.

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