How a CMS Becomes an Essential Business Tool

The right content management system (CMS) can become an indispensible part of your online strategy and business operations. By planning ahead and considering the bigger picture of your organisational goals, adding a CMS will not only support your current operation but any expansion or changes in the years to come. Find a CMS that will drive your larger business goals as part of a fully integrated strategy, and not just play a bit part.


In aligning an online marketing strategy with a company wide marketing strategy, a CMS becomes the catalyst for achieving online activity KPIs, measuring performance/analytics etc and becoming a very powerful tool in day to day activities. 


Here’s an example: A well-known fashion brand reinvigorates their website and offers a new online store. By considering their complete, long-term business strategy and choosing a CMS based on this information, they are able to manage orders, link in with their warehouse ordering system, and create online and offline marketing campaigns that complement the standard marketing campaigns of the business. They could run a physical competition in-store to win a day with their chief stylist, and then run a Facebook competition to win vouchers to shop online from the stylist’s lookbook they recently published on the website. And by creating their own product descriptions with popular search keywords, and controlling their content and metadata, they’re also improving their organic search for the latest clothing trends.


Beyond Functionality

CMS’s come with a wide range of functionality, like publishing content, tracking customer feedback or managing an online store. But in order to become a crucial tool in your organisation, a CMS should also perform many other roles.


Innovation and Growth: A good CMS will have regular updates and additions to its features that apply to each and every client. For an individual business, a CMS should also be flexible enough to add or remove functionality as the need arises. An organisation shouldn’t feel limited by a CMS that can’t keep up with their growing or shifting business.


Technical Support: A CMS isn’t something to be handed over and then left to your organisation to manage on its own for eternity. You also want technical support and a knowledgeable staff that understands that a CMS is just as much about the people that use it as it is about the technology is controls. That means ongoing training, tech support and how the CMS should work for your specific business goals. Anyone that has worked with an open source offering may know about the lack of stability in term of support and service!


Search Engine Optimisation: Add structure to your SEO strategy with a CMS that makes search easy to manage, such as smart URLs, meta data, tracking and analytics, and more. A CMS should put you in control of your search optimisation and make it easy to track, manage and amend your search strategy. Data is king!



Core dna 12

The new Core dna 12 provides over 60 applications that can be customised to suit your long-term business goals. A content management system should be a part of a greater online strategy that combines technology with a business partnership that works with you every step of the way.

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