Hidden Secrets to Customer Experience Success

It’s a no brainer that the customer experience landscape is evolving quickly. In a global, online marketplace, it’s easy to spot those companies excelling in providing an effective customer experience. Consumers increasingly expecting data driven, optimized experiences that resonate with them.

What makes up great Customer Experience (CX)?

From dealing with customers across industries, we have learnt that no one knows what they want. No white paper is going to be able to give you the answer to this either.

Content management systems bring together the Marketing and IT department. This can help your business to scientifically, work out what your customers are after and how to deliver the best possible experience to them.

a. Listen in

It’s important to tap into what your customers really care about and what they care little about, then working continuously to improve that experience. The magic of big data allows us to now use digital technology to work out what customers really care about.

The most disruptive players- Airbnb and Uber for example are truly honing into the behaviour of their customers. Taking into account consumer behaviour and using that knowledge and agility to test and tweak experiences is what separates superior from ordinary customer experience.

b. Become Customer-Obsessed

How enjoyable are you to do business with? How easy are you to do business with? How effective are you at meeting your customers’ needs?

Core dna’s integrated Google Analytics can be a great tool for understanding consumer behaviour. Two easy features to take a look at is the Bounce Rate and the New vs. Returning Customers. This gives you a good indication about just how your customers are responding to visiting your site.

c. Innovation: Short Cycles & Small Changes

Core dna delivers on key elements that are necessary to build agile business and collaboration driven by the ability to innovate. Individuals and teams across the business are empowered with the platform to work together to share knowledge to innovate and evolve the customer experience.

Big ideas can be broken down into small steps. This way development changes can be gauged early on and necessary tweaks can be made or even dropped altogether if it becomes and enormous waste.

Getting customer experience right in all the interaction points on your website is a difficult and continuous process. An excellent way to start is with just a specific part of your website. Identify any bottlenecks that cause visitors to the website friction

As a content management system, Core dna is more than just software, it’s strategy. It has the flexibility to support your company’s ever evolving strategy- not deter it. Consumers have come to expect a tailored experience across any device regardless of what they are or what they’re doing. It’s up to businesses to make agile choices and deliver those expectations or risk being lost among competitors.

Core dna will ensure the agility to deliver an innovative customer experience, and provide the freedom to continue to do so as business needs evolve.

You have nothing to lose by discovering your customers.

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