Help SEO with a Digital Experience Platform

Search engine optimisation (SEO)and search rankings are a leading concern for many of our clients across all industries, and for Australian businesses in general. A digital experiencce platform should assist you in your SEO strategy and help build a strong foundation for achieving your search goals.

Here are just a few quick examples of how the right digital experience platform can help your search engine optimisation strategy:

Meta Data

Meta information is only one part of the ever-complicated SEO puzzle, but it's something you'll want to consider. A CMS should allow you to have control over your meta data, such as the page title and meta description (and the keywords you'll put there). 

Fresh Content

As we've learned and talked about before, having a regular stream of new and relevant content can be a big boost to your SEO. An easy-to-use CMS allows any member of your staff to add and update the content on your website from any computer with an internet connection, keeping your audience informed on the latest from your organisation and keeping your website fresh and relevant.

Tracking and Analytics

A content management system should allow you to integrate analytics software like Omniture or Google Analytics. Track the visitors to your website and see important information like:

  • Popular articles/areas on your website
  • Spots where many visitors leave your website
  • Successful (and unsuccessful) calls to action
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