Google charges fee for add removal, what does this mean?

The company that preached “don’t be evil” has masterminded a new way of funding an internet, and Silicon Valley agrees. Google’s experiment will test the moral compass of internet user, seeing if they can be conditioned to pay for what they view online. 

The monetization of content in the online media landscape has led to some pretty innovative business models. From the guys who gave you embedded advertisements through AdWords, we now have a product that allows users to pay to eliminate ads.

Google Contributor will allow people to pay $1-$3 per month to avoid seeing ads on a handful of websites. But unlike Ad Block it’s more of a virtual tip jar which claims to send the funds straight to the publisher. It’s Google conditioning users to contribute to their favourite websites. In addition to this they also won’t be tracked by Google.

Ads will be replaced with a “Thank-you for being a contributor” banner, and users will be left with that heart-warming feeling.

Participating websites include Mashable, The Onion, WikiHow, Imgur and Mashable.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Recently, Google was noted to rake in $16.52 billion of which they returned $3.35 billion to sites that carried its ads or referred search traffic.

Gartner analyst Andrew stated that even if Contributor fails it is “still probably a winning scenario for Google as it will stand as a proof point that consumers are willing to tolerate ads even when given a choice to pay directly for content.”

Are you willing to pay?

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