G20 raises the hack level, are you protected?

As the Brisbane hosted G20 summit looms, so do the cyber-attack threats. It's making for a wild scramble as spy agencies attempt to extend warnings to corporate Australia.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) cautions the target that the Australian held G20 places upon local businesses, as a “real and persistent threat”.

The ASD has also issued a list of advice to help businesses avoid falling victim to hacking threats. They recommend that users be wary of scams such as usb’s containing spyware and bugs, to avoid using public wi-fi networks and also be cautious when exchanging information via any web based service.

More of the ASD’s recommended points can be found here.

Data leakage and malicious access to your data is a potential danger that should not be underestimated.

It’s imperative that businesses react to these heightened security threats vigilantly. The information you store in databases and throughout systems exposed to the internet are your responsibility. Recent global brands have seen the impacts of Data breaches both to their brand reputation and to their finances.

The team at Core dna understand the severity of such a threats and have been pragmatic driving an ongoing program to protect customer data.

Our recent hosting upgrade has seen the installation of a "hybrid" cloud environment to provide our clients world class secure cloud hosting with the latest in secuirty protection.

Centre to the security system is the installation of the latest version of Imperva’s web application firewall.

These devices provide Core dnas a first line of defence to:-:

  • Block attacks using a learning algorithm
  • Shutting down malicious sources and bots
  • Stop application doors and business logic attacks
  • Instantly patch Website vulnerabilities
  • Provide forensic insights with customisable reports

Installing such infrastructure is just another example of Core dna’s ongoing client support and involvement. The safety and protection of our clients data  is at the forefront of our actions.

Providing a complete solution that includes security empowers our clients to focus on their business with the know how that we are in the background taking care of the details. 

The majority of companies need to take action to minimise the risks of hosting applications and data on the internet. Ask your technology professional to provide you with the mechanisms and processes they have in place to protect your valuable information. If  security is something that concerns your business get in touch with the team at Core dna. Our professional team would be more than happy to provide you with insights to help you keep your information safe. 

To learn more about how Core dna can improve your business contact us at info@coredna.com. You can also follow Core dna on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for updates. 

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