Fast Subjects in the New Economy

So what is the New Economy about?

The new economy revolves largely around the expansion of individual opportunity. With this comes the disruptive energy of ceaseless innovation, and the transformative power of digital and communications.

In unleashing new ways of innovating, the New Economy is changing the way knowledge professionals work. Technology is characterized by a need for constant innovation, development and to simply- be fast. This rhetoric of digitalization has also been imposed on the workers themselves; shaping them into Fast Subjects.

Fast subjects are being bred through the supercharged, integrated and fast paced environment. 

We are witnessing the unfolding attempt of digital industries to engineer new kinds of fast subject positions that are designed to cope within the disciplines of permanent emergency. These roles are born out of a gradual speed up in business happenings, consumption, production and the unprecedented rise of expectations and demands.

Is this sustainable?

The need for speed of innovation and development, generates a cycle where creativity is becoming more highly sought after than ever before. In the shared economy, knowledge and creativity are valued as commodities. This has become increasingly acknowledged by organizations that are striving to foster the powers of creativity that will eventually lead to innovation. Networked digital technologies act as an enabling platform that is re-forming the ways work can be structured, and the future can be created.

Fast subjects make for fast companies, where organizations are creating value by embracing change and innovation. High-tech startups are synonymous with the notion of a fast company. Agile and nimble are both buzz words when speaking about fast companies that highlight the value they place on innovation.

The new economy is full to the brim with new ideas, innovations and economics. This turns us into fast subjects, acting as commodities of this new digitalized way of working.

What do you think work will look like in 2025?

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