Extranet: Why your Company needs a Digital Experience Platform

When it comes to digital experience on the web, hovering over the realm of “just ok” doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. We think of Digital Experience Platform’s as vital- fuelling growth, driving customer loyalty and building bridges between analytic resources and intuition.

Core dna Extranet checklist:


  • Are you after efficient and secure means of managing your company’s digital assets and working in collaboration with your partners, vendors and customers?
  • Do your employees require a intuitive and easy-to-use knowledge base?
  • Do you want all sectors of your company to be aiming toward the same goal?
  • Does your organisation require real-time information to be secure, robust, searchable and navigable without having to rely on IT staff?


Website hosting platforms have far outgrown the more traditional eCommerce software meets web content management system. DXP’s include software that helps create, manage and measure cross-channel digital customer experiences. The future of web content management includes much more than just the management of digital assets. 

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