What makes up a Digital Experience Platform?

We're working hard to simplify the over-crowded CMS landscape with an extraordinary digital platform, the complete solution- Core dna DXP.

So, what makes Core dna a digital experience platform (DXP)?

1. Integrated Customer Experience

The single coredna system and technology is responsive across all devices from smartphones to tablets. This means that an engaging experience can be had using the latest front end standards.

With the Commerce Module, product catalogues, promo codes, vouchers and online forms can be created. The Community aspect allows for user membership, blogs, newsletters, forums and surveys to be carried out. The user is able to search across all the owned online assets, and a Social presence is reinforced by comments, sharing and complete social integration.

2. Personalised Experience

Easy segmentation of your audiences to allow true personalisation of content and layout. With a centralised database, contacts and members can be stored and detailed online profiles for both staff and customers can be created. Communicate easily with your customers through personalised or grouped actions.

The platform is user-centric, which provides visitors with a 1 to 1 experience. You can analyse prospects, behaviour, identity who is engaged and why as well as gain a stronger perspective. It allows you to be smarter and use this newly found information to drive new traffic, generate more leads and convert them faster.

3. Improving Experience

Analytics allow you to manage the digital marketing activities of your business and continuously improve the experience tailor information and create product offers. The user can compare and contrast analytics and find out who and what they are engaging with as well as whats working and what isnt. This saves time and improves efficiency when tracking behaviour. 

We will seamlessly roll out new features, updates and applications as they come readily available, as well as ongoing maintenance via the cloud hosting. Essentially the website can be only once, then continuously built upon.

4. Internal Experience

Core dna facilitates an internal digital experience with features such as the ability to share knowledge securely with Wiki. Projects can be run from a central collaborative PM platform and best practices can be shared with the Q&A model. Support ticketing, idea sharing and timesheet capture can also be managed.

To learn more about how Core dna can improve your business contact us at info@coredna.com. You can also follow Core dna on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for updates. 

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