The Complete Digital Solution

Finding the right online tools for your business can be a daunting task. The internet is littered with both free and paid platforms and programs that offer a range of features for businesses of all sizes.

Email management, blog platforms, social media networks, analytics software- you name it, there is a start up somewhere in the wide web dedicated to it. It can be overwhelming to manage multiple platforms whilst also maintaining a consistent message.

Managing Multiple Tools in One Place

The magic of a content management system (CMS) is that with the right features for your business, you can easily manage multiple platforms in a single system. It’s the complete solution. Newsletters can be created, edited and saved; blog posts can be uploaded, saved and published web content can be updated or removed as needed; and all of these items can feature the same look and feel.

A CMS also allows multiple people to log in to a single system in order to accomplish a huge range of marketing tasks. Coredna allows senior staff to restrict the permissions of other employees as well, so only a select number of staff are able to perform tasks like publishing content or sending a newsletter, if desired.

Some content management systems also allow you to integrate social media and analytics into the platform. Easily look at your website data to understand and improve your performance online, and push content (e.g. Blogs, news items, web pages) to your social media pages to keep followers informed.

Manage More Than Web Content

An integrated platform provides simplicity and easy-to-use tools and avoids the problem of having too many platforms in too many places. Consider a CMS that can make your business easier to manage both on and off the web!

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