Stay Agile with a DXP

Frail "Brochure websites" are a thing of the past. The notion of posting a couple of pages of content online and expect customers to keep rolling in has well and truly passed. "Set it and forget it" doesn't work. 

These are all well known facts of today's digital landscape. 

It's important to keep in mind that your business also avoids setting up a website that requires constant (and costly) changes in order to keep up with changing trends and customer demands. Luckily, the right digital experience platform (integrating content management with other tools) will allow your website to change as needed, and without wasting money and time on updates.

Applications and Content Management

Core dna has basic content management applications like Pages, News, Blogs and Help Manager.

1. No drastic redesigns: Additional applications allow your business to add extra functionality as it is needed and without requiring an entire website redesign.

2. No drastic rebuilds: If you do want to change the design, a modular DXP is separate from the design "layer" of your website, meaning you can refresh the design of your website without affecting the content and functionality behind it.

3. Tailored solutions: A modular DXP can also be tailored to particular business requirements while leaving open the option to add (or remove) functionality down the line. There is no need to pay for extra module that you won't need.

4. Regular updates to technology: Applications within a DXP are subject to regular updates and improvements. Continual innovation is then passed on to all clients on the system.

5. A single infrastructure: Modules can be used for intranets, external websites or microsites, giving an organisation control over all areas of their web presence while keeping everything on a single system. This simplifies online updates by allowing staff to use the CMS for most or all aspects of the company's online assets.

6. Third-party integration: Third party software or existing technology can be used alongside a modular DXP, providing an adaptable solution for businesses that have already made significant investments in their web presence.

Building a Sustainable and Affordable Strategy

The ability to add new modules as your business grows is a helpful feature of a DXP, but it does not guarantee that you will save money, time and resources in the long run.

Your DXP must be a part of a larger web strategy that supports your business objectives. A well-planned online strategy can be responsive to the ever-changing world of business and the web by looking beyond the short term and instead seeing the bigger picture; it is a perfect complement to a flexible DXP. 

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