Is Your Online Business Scalable?

Cloud scalability is the cornerstone of an agile business structure, and fundamental to the online success of your business. A scalable CMS like Core dna help your businesses online presence withstand the vast web and multi-device mobile traffic at peak times. We are able to support your business on servers that can host the clicks. As long as the Internet has existed, optimisations and compressions have been its backbone with actors working hard to reach the highest level of performance.

 “It’s not the strongest of the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”

 – Charles Darwin

How does being agile benefit your business?

Having an agile business mentality and structure incorporates the right mindset with the right internal processes and a degree of relentless desire. As your business grows online, we do too. We can help you to react to the abrupt changes in the business landscape.

This means being able to cater for unplanned challenges as well as pleasant surprises. Being able to remain adaptable. Start-ups are all over this kind of agility, making it easy for them to surpass their predecessors in expanding their services to cater for a global user base. Consider Airbnb, which rapidly grew to now service 33,000 cities over 192 countries.

How do we do it?

Credit goes to cloud structures that have the ability to scale up and down. The server dynamically scales to balance the load. Rather than manually coding information from one system to another which takes a lot of time and work, cloud based systems make for a fast transition.

We draw a focus on building and continuously enhancing your online evolving online presence rather than building it temporarily to then destroy it again. It is the ability of our software to continue to function well whilst its context is changed in size or volume in order to meet a user need.

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