3 Picks from the Digital Health Industry

Gone are the days of the digital health industry revolving solely around fitness trackers.

Here are a couple of digital health tech gadgets that we have tracked down that shed the stereotype of the fitness tracker, and give new meaning to the industry. 


For starters, the Twiage app allows emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to send tweet-like messages and pictures to the emergency room. Given the loud noise and bad sound quality due to the urgency of the situations at stake, EMT’s often struggle to convey to emergency room nerves the necessary details about the patients they are about to be wheeling in.

Using uncomplicated UI, GPS tracking and the efficiency of digital technology, Twiage has effectively responded to a problem in the digital health industry. Twiage caters to the EMT’s need to ensure that they carry out their operations as faultless as possible. The smartphone app will display the real-time messages in a tweet like stream environment.


So we all know about keep cups, but what about smart cups. Vessyl is a smart cup that has disrupted the beverage space. It not only works to measure the calories of your beverage, but regulates your caffeine intake, notifies you when you need to hydrate yourself and even has the ability to detect the brand of your beverage. These functions seem very practical as abuse of the stimulant is more than common in the modern workplace. Fixed with highly advanced sensors, Vessyl automatically displays your nutrient data on a corresponding smartphone app. 


As an adhesive do-it-all product, Underskin has the ability to unlock your door, warn you when your blood sugar levels rise or fall and much more. Implanted on to your hand much like a tattoo, Underskin uses your body’s electro-chemical energy to perform it’s variety of tasks including trading data with a simple handshake. It may seem like magic, but Underskin is able to accurately gauge data through being wired to comprehend hand gestures and other bodily movements. Intuitive and intelligent, Underskin is another example of how digital health will soon become an indispensable part of our lives. 

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