2015 Digital Predictions - How we went

Another year is coming to an end. It’s a good time before the Holiday Season arrives to see how we went with the 2015 Digital Predictions.

1. Welcome To The Hybrid Managed Cloud

2015 has been the year of the managed cloud and managed DEVops. Many Hosting vendors have introduced new service offering to help you manage the ever more complex world of cloud computing. A number of major players entered the market to challenge the dominance of AWS.  Many smaller players became “platform agnostic,” promising to help you on any of the major cloud platforms.  Confirmed

2. Security & Data Protection Comes To The Fore

Security continued to make news in 2015 with many high profile businesses falling victim to both external and internal hacking. As security continues to play on the minds of the C-suite get ready for a number of companies to step in over the next year with a variety of service offerings. Confirmed

3. Analytics Driven Decision Making

Analytics and BIG DATA are becoming more accessible as infrastructure prices drop and new technologies appear. Analytics and Business intelligence were at the forefront of e-commerce and inbound marketers all seeking ways to improve engagement and drive customers towards their goals. 2016 is bound to see further growth in analytics with both offline and online being integrated. Confirmed

4. The Internet of Things and Augmented Reality

Beacons, personal devices measuring everything we do have now invaded. The market exploded in 2015 and I’m really worried to see how far the IoT goes. Confirmed

5. Mobile First

The hamburger hit the big screens in 2015, making desktop experiences simpler, fonts larger and the experience cleaner. Apps vs browsers enhancements continued with browsers introducing new framework apis and better notification handling. The Apps community continued to refine the end user experience, making the engagement seamless and offering enhanced in context understanding. Confirmed

6. Video

Video was big in 2015, we saw the presence of video everywhere, on websites, mobile devices and home entertainment. Facebook started to provide video within their platform to head off Youtube as the dominant video platform. Much of the growth has been driven by people engaging with video from their smartphones and the cost of data dropping. Confirmed

7. Facebook To Punish Product Pushes

Post IPO Facebook has managed to find new and innovative ways to generate revenue.  There is a balance between good content and reach based on boosting to achieve the outcomes you desire. Pay to play is here to drive increasing revenues.  Confirmed

8. Material Design

I’m a fan of material design. In 2015 we saw considerable advances in material design across many applications. We even updated our intranet to a more material design experience. Expect to see more from material design as Google continues to push Polymer. Confirmed

9. Digital Integration In The Retail Space

The in-store experience is increasingly being transformed into a digitally-enhanced environment for retailers and their customers. Technology based retailers are opting to adopt devices such as iPads and video technology in their stores. This draws a larger focus on the company's website with more integrated digital connections than ever before. Studies show that 68% of users are inclined to use their mobile devices in-store. It’s time for companies to put digital first and maintain a seamless experience for their customers through both their in-store and online presences. Expect to see more on the horizon, with the rise of the Omni channel retailer. Confirmed

10. The Maturing Front End And Rise Of Web Components

Web components such as Polymer are giving way to a new era in development as applications become scalable and maintainable. Front end developers have the ability to craft and define their own HTML elements and compose them into complex web applications. 2015 has seen a continued expansion of the “front end stack” developers are now capable of creating powerful experiences that can be scaled for volume. Confirmed

Stay tuned for our 2016 predictions. In the meantime, enjoy the festive season.





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