Automated DevOps

World-class websites, with a world-class approach

A lot of confusion surrounds the word DevOps. So what is it? DevOps isn’t a tool or a product, it’s an approach for development and operations teams to standardize processes for infrastructure deployment. Coredna has a unique approach to DevOps allowing you to get faster innovation, improved deployment quality, faster speed to market, more efficient operations, and allows you to get on with business.


Never worry about a server again

All Coredna websites are hosted on our world-class server farm from our trusted partners at Rackspace. We have customized and added additional technology to our servers to meet the demands of some of the highest traffic sites in the world.

Coredna servers scale horizontally very rapidly, meaning no downtime or slowdowns. Load balancers, high performing databases and advanced makes Coredna enterprise hosting with everything a high-performance site would need. What this means is that you can launch new websites and scale them at any time, without ever having to worry about configuring new servers or touching databases.

Coredna also has dedicated firewalls and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to protect your data. Round all this out with a dedicated security team made up of security professionals monitoring for attacks with an intrusion protection system with penetration testing. Rest easy at night knowing Coredna’s digital fortress is protecting your data for you.